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We are pleased to announce that we have completely overhauled our audio/visual system. We have upgraded our entire system to high-definition.  

We are able to do everything we used to do and more, all at a greatly improved picture quality.  We have also added a second camera to allow those watching the live webcast, the opportunity to see the faces of those in attendance.  

We have also added additional microphones and audio inputs to better accommodate live music and various other special presentations.  We have improved our system to incorporate the use of SKYPE (a web based video phone service) to allow people to be seen and heard by all in attendance from anywhere in the world.

It is our goal here at Naugle Funeral & Cremation Service to constantly evaluate and improve our ability to serve the community and to keep up with the times.  By transitioning from an analog to a digital based system, we are better equipped to provide a dynamic service that allows you countless ways to personalize the service for your loved one.  

Your opinion is very important to us.  We want to here from you.  How are we doing?  What more could we do to improve our service, please let us know.

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Please watch this short video

We have worked very hard to be able to allow anyone who may be unable to attend the service, not only the chance to watch the service, but to also participate in the service from anywhere in the world.